Fauxsee Innovations, LLC - enabling the seeing-impaired to live fuller lives.

We are using the latest technologies from fields like cellular telephony, 3-D printing, wireless communications, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to build devices that allow the seeing-impaired to travel more freely and more safely, find their way in both rural and urban environments and greatly improve their quality of life.

About Roboglasses®Roboglasses Image Roboglasses® allows the blind wearer to detect obstacles in the path of travel and provides non-intrusive information about the location and distance to the obstacle significantly reducing face and upper body injuries.

Roboglasses® uses patented* technology featuring innovative new touch feedback devices.


Other ProjectsMap Image Fauxsee Innovations, LLC is currently working under a grant from the US Department of Agriculture to develop RoboFind™ - device that fuses information from multiple sensors to provide the blind with real-time position, speed and heading information in rural, suburban and urban areas.

Learn More!Fork in the Road Image To learn more about our products and research projects, feel free to explore this web site. To contact our team, learn about acquiring Roboglasses® or become part of our effort to improve the lives of the seeing impaired, click on the following links

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You can participate!

In early 2018, Fauxsee Innovations, LLC will bring our premier product - Roboglasses® to market. If you are seeing-impaired (or know someone who is) and want to place an order for Roboglasses®, learn more about our products or you would like to particpate in early-adopter field trials using the Roboglasses® please join us . We want you to be part of this exciting experience!

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