About Fauxsee Innovations, LLC

Fauxsee Innovations, is a small, high-technology startup company headquartered in Magnolia AR located in southwest Arkansas. We also have a small engineering office located in Alma AR, in northwest Arkansas. We are a research, development and manufacturing company focused on developing products for enhancing the lives of seeing-impaired individuals.

We can enhance the life of the seeing-impaired by:

  • improving safety. Make it safer for the seeing-impaired to function in a sighted world. The seeing-impaired suffer significantly more injuries that the sighted population. Provide products that prevent this.
  • providing new capabilities. Make it possible for the seeing-impaired to do more things - i.e., do more of the things that sighted people can do. The blind should be able to travel freely, regardless of the environment.

" In a day and age when we can have autonomous automobiles that drive themselves, park themselves and avoid other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles, we have drones that can deliver packages to our doorstep, we have incredible technology in our cell phones, it is absolutely tragic that we cannot provide the same kind of capabilities for the blind. We have a moral imperative to fix this…"
Dan Ballard, Chief Engineer Fauxsee Innovations, LLC

Our strategy is simple. We :
  • Conduct research to determine how to provide the highest performance, lowest cost products for enhancing the life of the unsighted. Our research will investigate diverse issues include human anatomy, the use of the human senses, analysis of how we build mental maps of our world, sensing technology, processing and robotics technology, improved ergonomic product functions, and new modes of interacting with the human body.
  • Develop products that meet the needs of the unsighted community. Work with the unsighted community using their feedback to improve our products. Recognize that different products may be required for the totally blind vs those with limited but poor vision.
  • Manufacture these products and ensure quality, high performance and enhanced capability. Understand the ergonomic challenges that the seeing-impaired face in dealing with any complex product.
  • Distribute these products to the whole seeing-impaired community. Recognize that many in this community are economically disadvantage and make sure there are ways of getting our products in their hands.

For more information about our research, development and manufacturing activities please contact us.

More Information

We are all about:

  • Improving the lives of the seeing impaired
  • Making the world safer.
  • Providing new capabilites for navigating and living in a sighted world.
  • Our Stragegy:

  • Advanced research
  • Focused product development
  • Advanced manufacturing capability
  • Ensuring availability to the whole community

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