About our Founder and our Motivation

Mr. Brandon Foshee is the President and CEO of Fauxsee Innovations, LLC. He lost his eyesight at the age of 23 while still in college. Mr. Foshee is totally blind and has no light perception. His blindness was caused by a viral infection that attacked his optic nerve. However, he is an extremely hardworking individual and despite his blindness completed his college studies and graduated with a degree in History.

Mr Foshee and his then brother-in-law Tim Zigler developed the concept of Roboglasses. Mr. Zigler works in the automotive industry and had noticed the difficulty the blind have in navigating their environment even using a guide dog or cane. Mr. Zigler wondered if the backup sensors used in automobiles could somehow be used as a guide for the blind. This insight led to the patented Roboglasses® concept.

While Roboglasses® is significantly more complex than an automobile backup sensor, this concept led to the development of a product that uses ultrasonic sensors for range finding and object detection coupled with sophisticated haptic feedback devices for communicating object location.

Mr. Foshee oversees the day to day operation of Fauxsee Innovations, LLC and is the chief test evaluator and 'guinea pig' in evaluating new technology for the blind. He is a prolific inventor and Fauxsee Innovations, LLC is pursuing developing a number of products based on his ideas and insight.

Photo of Brandon Foshee, Founder

Brandon Foshee and Shakespeare('Shakie')

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